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Additional Heroes Web Directory Listing

$299 Value

♦ Reach millions of Veterans, Teachers, First Responders and Police/Fire Fighters on www.hnnusa.org
Easy to use search system gives anyone, anywhere the ability to find your business with ease and convenience.

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City Wide Bottom Banner Ad

$299 Value

♦ Increase Your Bottom Line With A City Wide Bottom Banner Ad!

See an example:
Bottom Banner Sample

City Wide Right Side Banner Ad

$399 Value

♦ Stay On The Right Side Of Your Clients With A City Wide Right Side Banner Ad! 

See an example:
Right Side Banner Example

Personalized Hero Framed Plaque

$89 Value

♦ 8" x 10" Customized Plaque worthy of hanging in your office or lobby. We offer stunning plaque choices.

See an example:
Plaque Sample Image

Limited Time Pick Options

Heroes News Channel Venue

$299 every 6 months

Display Your Ad for 6 months to Heroes in your area at any of the over 400 HNN Venues (Veteran Clubs & Supporting Business Locations) across the USA.

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HNN TV Details

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Sample of Venue TV

Preferred Ranking Web Directory Listing Upgrade

$249 every 6 months

♦ With preferred ranking, no matter what your listing title is, you will be the priority!

Be at the top of our search results with a preferred ranking upgrade today!

See an example:
Preferred Example

Full Screen Heroes News Channel Ad

$179 every 6 months

♦ Bigger is Better! A Full Screen Custom Ad Will Grab Your Clients Attention – View a sample:

See an example:
Full Screen Sample

Boost Your Reach With Heroes Mobile Network

$299 for 5,000 views

♦ Boost Your Exposure to 5,000 active-duty Military & Veterans, displaying your ad directly on their mobile phones!

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Mobile Details

Double Your Heroes News Channel Ad Rotation

$199 every 6 months

♦ Double Your Exposure. Your TV ad will double its rotation every day! Price is per venue location.

Double Your Exposure

Display 2 Ads On The Heroes News Channel

$199 every 6 months

♦ Add Another Ad to your TV marketing. (Requires Double Your TV Ad Rotation).

This is great investment, showing two different messages on the Heroes' TV Network.

Metro Wide Exposure Upgrade

$599 every 6 months

♦ Get seen in every Heroes News Network TV venue in your Metro Area, this also expands your www.hnnusa.org banner coverage across your entire Metro Area.

See example:
Metro Wide Example

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Join me for a demo

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Basic Mobile & TV Packages

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Advanced Mobile Packages

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Premium Mobile Packages

ProCard Premium

$100 Bundle Savings
With any package; only $299
Make More Sales With Less Effort
*Include E-books (Lead Magnets)
*Designed for mobile phones; it's the only landing page you'll need to funnel in clicks, web traffic, even print advertising 

This deal is the lowest price ever offered and is guaranteed for only the next


Month - Month Flexibility

Mobile Bundle Beginner


4,000 Monthly Views
After 1st Month: $299

Mobile Bundle Advanced


6,000 Monthly Views
After 1st Month: $369

Mobile Bundle Premium


8,000 Monthly Views
After 1st Month: $399

Month - Month offers the same features as 3,6 & 12 month projects
Simply cancel 10 days before your next renewal date.


If your not 100% satisfied at the end of your campaign, we will double your duration using another Community Marketing Partnership Product.

Prices are only a 1 time payment!

Easy to apply, easy to use. Plus immediate approval up to $9,500.

"May as well earn points!"

If  your card offers cash back or points, you may as well put it on the card!

Security & ease of use makes PayPal Credit our recomended payment option. Preview the simple steps to apply

Be seen on some of the most popular apps

 Display Your Ad on the Heroes News Channel at 1 of the over 450 Local HNN Venues (Veteran Clubs & Supporting Business Locations)

Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11, is a tribute to military Veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces

Your Veteran's Day Appreciation Package includes the following 4 powerful items:

1) 8x10 personalized and framed 'Heroes Support' certificate, Click here to see them all.

2) A Heroes News Network Web Directory Listing OR a 15 second TV Ad on The Heroes News Network TV Channel.

3) Displaying on your web listing any of these badges that apply to your business:

4) You will be included in our referral program; 833-Hero-Help

Being a Hero preferred business for 3 months is only $499($599 value) or what most folks do is an entire 12 months for only $699($799 value) and that includes free shipping of the certificate!

Some people think that only Vets go to the clubs. Our research over the past 10 years is that 50% of people who go to the clubs are in fact not veterans. However, 90% of them are Baby Boomers!
Today, Baby Boomers are worth nearly eight times as much as the next generation

Baby Boomers (64-75-year-old) control over 53% of the country’s wealth and are 94% wealthier than the average 28-35-year-old.

The economy is not what it was 6 months ago, and it likely wont be improving over the next 18 months. If your going to stay in business, you must advertise to reach these Boomers.  If you don't, someone else will.

Reach people who have the highest net worth, Baby Boomers can be your ticket to success!

What is a Lifetime Deal?

Lifetime deals are a smart way to better manage your advertising budget. You'll have lifetime access to your ad and any added features you have purchased.

Some add-on products are limited time and are clearly marked as "limited timed products" 

We are continuously following up with our clients on a monthly basis. After six (6) unsuccessful attempts to contact you by text, email and phone, we will temporarily stop and remove your ad from being on display.

Don’t worry, we will continue to attempt to follow up with you and upon successful contact, will immediately re-launch your campaign. We do this as a protection for you on the off chance that you have retired or are no longer in business.

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